Reliable. Secure. Carrier neutral

Data Center in Bratislava is one of the largest, most technologically advanced data center in Central Europe region. It has been planned, designed and constructed to meet the most challenging demands of multinational companies.

It is a Carrier Neutral data center designed and constructed to fulfill TIER III standard by Uptime Institute. Provides ideal location for optimal latency all across the Europe from London to Moscow, From Stockholm to Athens.


Data Center is located in an industrial area on the edge of Bratislava, less than 70 km from downtown Vienna. This site was chosen due to its close proximity to two independent electrical substations and a multitude of international and local fiber optic routes (Prague-Budapest-Vienna-Kiev).

2 milliseconds:

  • Data stored in Data Center is only 2 milliseconds from Vienna and other major European markets.

100 million:

  • Data Center is located at the crossroads of a number of important pan-European fiber routes. With a latency of only 25ms it capable of servicing a region of nearly 100 million people.

32 operators:

  • Over 32 telecom operators are available to provide services in Data Center.

1 kilometer:

  • Data Center is less then 1 kilometer away from 2 individual 110kV substations. This gives it access to sufficient power to service current and future clients.

20 megawatts:

  • Over 20 megawatts of electrical energy from the public power distribution network are available to Data Center.


Certified by the National Security Authority and NATO at a security clearance level of "Confidential".

The facility is secured by a 3 meter high protective perimeter fence topped with razor wire.

Advanced surveillance system that monitors all areas of the facility, both inside and outside.

The facility is partitioned into monitored security zones, and entry into each zone is controlled through a two level process (keycard and PIN).

Professional security personnel are present at all times in the Data Center facility with only one goal: to protect your technology.

Each visitor is verified with a picture ID and cross-checked with the list of authorized persons in the security system. The movements of visitors in the facility are restricted and accompanied by security personnel or data center staff.

High-quality VESDA fire detection system (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarms) with a three-level system of detection in all spaces including under double flooring.

In the event of a fire, the gas based fire suppression system immediately fills the affected areas with a high concentration of nitrogen, immediately reducing the supply of oxygen to the fire, protecting your technology without compromising equipment warranties.